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Founder, Beth Hinkson has been involved in working on different fundraising events over the years that have involved an auction component. In the quest for procuring items, she and the committees found it is common to fall into the trap of going back to the donors that gave items in the past. It is human nature-it is the easiest route to getting an inventory of items for the event. Unfortunately, if the audience is made up of people that have supported the event year after year, the items are predictable and boring.  It is time to "shake things up"!

For nearly 2 decades, Beth has personally curated/developed exotic travel packages to destinations such as South Africa, Kenya, Vietnam, Belize, Dominican Republic, and beyond–-most properties being small, intimate properties owned by friends of hers.  These  trips are then offered at auction/raffle events around the US/CAN to benefit medical research, animals, children, communities, etc.   Auction Shake Up has contacted so many fun and interesting people-all with the same problem: how to make their next event exciting and different? In our conversations, we hear about ideas and packages that have been used in the past. Although the ideas/packages may have become “tired” for their event, they just might be “fresh” and exciting in a different event. As the scribbled notes began piling up in her office, Beth realized the need to put them in one easily accessible place -a resource for inspiration and cooperation between those of us who tirelessly strive to raise funds for our causes year after year. Welcome to Auction Shake Up!


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