Shake Your Booty | Event Theme Ideas

Now Boarding!


Venue/Decorations:  Hanger at the local airport or Aviation Museum.  Atlases, globes, suitcases
Attire: "Travel Casual"
Centerpiece Raffle/Auction Item:  ALL TRIPS!  "Golden Ticket" Winner can pick which of the trips they would like.  For a list of the possibilities, go to Earthshaking
Save the Date Cards/Invites:  Boarding passes

Latin Fusion


Venue/Decorations: Bongos, banana leaves, conga lines, signature drink, and food truck
Attire: Sundresses, shorts and flip flops
Music: Salsa, merengue, steel drums
Center Piece Auction/Raffle Item:  A stay at a private villa in the Dominican Republic and/or  at The Lodge at Big Falls in the rain-forest of Belize. For more information on these trips go to Earthshaking

Couch of Hope (Online)


Venue/Decorations: None necessary! Stay Home, Stay Healthy
Attire: "Cocktail pajamas" or "business sweat-suit"
Music: Soundtrack of the Netflix movie the "attendees" are watching as they bid from the couch.
Center Piece Auction/Raffle Item:  Costco sized bale of toilet paper and a basket of hand-sanitizer, cleaning supplies,  masks... or one of the trips at Earthshaking !

MASK-erade Ball


Venue/Decorations: Do a twist on the Mardi Gras masquerade balls that have been done in the past, but "move those masks south"!
Attire: Stylish, artistic, brag worthy face masks
Center Piece Auction/Raffle Item:  Swag bag of toilet paper, hand-sanitizer, wipes... Oh come on, that's  not fun!  Everyone has cabin fever. Use the travel packages:  Earthshaking !

Around The World In 80 Days Around The World In 80 Days Logo

Venue/Decorations: World maps, travel posters, and of course, BALLOONS! Small globes and more balloons as table centerpieces. A hot air balloon basket could provide a photo op for the guests to have their picture taken “setting out for their adventure!”
Attire: Have guests dress in something globally/culturally inspired.
Music: Anything that reflects the trips you have selected!
Center Piece Auction/Raffle Item: Auction (or raffle) the World! – the winning bidder gets to select where in the world they want to go! Feature all of the Auction Shake Up trips -and any others you have had donated- on one "Super Silent Travel Table." See the trips available at Earthshaking.

Days of Wine & Chocolate Wine

Venue/Decorations:  Passed chocolate truffles, wine tasting stations, and a potentially messy/tasty photo opportunity at the Chocolate Fountain.
Attire: Cocktail or Business
Music: Anything that compliments the venue and crowd.
Center Piece Auction/Raffle Item: Belize for Chocolate Lovers and/or the Cape Wine Experience.  For details on these trips go to Earthshaking

Jazz On The Terrace
Group Dining and Having Fun

Venue/Decorations: Outdoors on a terrace or under a tent. Have local celebrities and artists decorate patio umbrellas or park benches and use them as decoration/display.
Attire: Dressy “garden party.”
Music: Live Jazz ensemble.
Center Piece Auction Item: The decorated umbrellas and benches that were donated by local celebs and artists.

Flaunt Your Flannel
Flannel Shirt

Venue/Decorations: Lumberjack, outdoorsy
Attire: Anything that's flannel!  Shirts, pajamas, a toga made from flannel sheets?
Music: Something suitable for the crowd/venue
Center Piece Auction Item:  Shameless plug here for one or more trips.  For the possibilities go to Earthshaking !

North To Alaska Alaska Cruise Ship

Venue/Decorations: Mining pans filled with gold-wrapped chocolates or gold beads/glass as table centerpieces. Mining equipment, such as picks and shovels. Faux “mining set up” as a photo op for the guests to have their picture taken mining for gold. A cruise ship theme would also work for this.
Attire/Music: Anything really.
Center Piece Auction Item: Alaskan Cruise through the Inland Passage and Glacier Bay—includes a flight/aerial tour with an Alaskan Bush Pilot at one of the cruise stops.

Peppers And PiñatasMexican Food Mix and Sombrero

Venue/Decorations: Bright Mexican artwork and ceramics. Woven serapes for table coverings. Pinatas, of course.
Attire: South of the Border, dress for the sun! Sunglasses, ponchos, sombreros, flip-flops.
Food/Menu: Margaritas, Tequila tastings, Taco/tortilla bar with all the fixings, ceviche.
Music: Roving Mariachi Band
Center Piece Auction Item: Raffle the chance to take a swing at a special Pinata that is filled with treats and a voucher for a Mexican cruise or vacation/timeshare, some deluxe tequila, etc.

One Small Step For MankindSpace Shuttle Taking Off in Starry Sky

Venue/Decorations: Think: International Space Station, 2001—A Space Odyssey, Star Trek, Apollo, Sputnik, Space Shuttle, etc., and run with it.
Attire: “Space Age” modern
Food/Menu: Try “Space Food Sticks,” “cosmos-politans,” or cocktails made with TANG.
Music: New Age/Techno
Center Piece Auction Item: A trip for two to the International Space Station (kidding!), the Kennedy Space Center Experience, or maybe an opportunity to do a “zero-gravity” flight?

A Night In ParisSunrise in Paris with Eiffel Tower

Venue/Decorations: Have all staff volunteers wear little black berets.
Attire: The iconic little black dress
Food/Menu: French champagne and passed escargot and/or Pommes Frites during the silent auction/preview time. Dinner menu? Anything French!
Center Piece Auction Item: Trip to a villa in France!